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  • 엘리나 문 박과 친구들 'Rabbit Days and Dumplings' 뉴욕 콘서트 [News]
  • sukie
    Jan 23, 2016
  • 엘리나 문 박과 친구들

    Elena Moon Park & Friends


    all-ages folk and children's music from east asia 


    엘레나 문 박과 친구들이 2월 6일과 3월 12일 링컨센터 아트리움과 월드파이낸셜센터 브룩필드 플레이스에서 앨범 '토끼의 날과 만두(Rabbit Days and Dumplings)' 콘서트를 연다. 

    '토끼의 날과 친구들'은 한국, 일본, 중국, 대만, 티벳 등 동아시아의 민요와 동요와 서양의 포크, 록 악기가 어우러진 어린이를 위한 레코드. '설날' '산토끼' '도라지' '풍년가' 등 한국 민요와 동요 편곡도 수록되어 있다. 콘서트는  3-6세 어린이에게 추천하며 무료로 감상할 수 있다.

    Saturday, Feb 6: 11 am | David Rubenstein Atrium @ Lincoln Center (New York, NY)

    Rabbit Days joins a great lineup of events as part of the LC Kids Artists at the Atrium Series, presented by Lincoln Center. This series of shows is free & open to all ages, and the atrium is a lovely place to hang on a Saturday morning. Lots of friends playing throughout the season, check it out!



    Friday, Feb 26: 7 pm | TBD (Brooklyn, NY) 

    Saturday, March 12: 12 pm | Hudson Eats at Brookfield Place (New York, NY)

    A petite version of Rabbit Days plays a fun, interactive show at Hudson Eats as part of the Saturday Morning Show. 


    1.jpg http://www.rabbitdays.com

    3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg 6.jpg 7.jpg 8.jpg 9.jpg


    Elena Moon Park | vocals, jarana

    Akiko Hiroshima | vocals

    Domenica Fossati | flute, vocals

    John Foti | accordion, piano

    James Moore | guitars, banjo

    Yoshi Waki | upright bass

    David Cossin | drums

    Colin Brooks | drums

    Kaoru Watanabe | fue, taiko




    Elena Moon Park is a musician and educator living in Brooklyn, NY.  Originally from Oak Ridge, TN, she studied anthropology and ethnomusicology at Northwestern University and completed a Masters Degree in Urban Policy from The New School in New York City.  Since 2006 Elena has been touring with Grammy award-winning, all-ages folk rock band Dan Zanes and Friends, playing fiddle, trumpet, mandolin, spoons, ukulele, and singing. She is also a freelance musician in NYC who likes to play contemporary classical music. In addition to her music, Elena manages programs for Bang on a Can’s Found Sound Nation, a network of artists who design and lead socially-engaged music projects, including the OneBeat international music exchange. 


    Song Lyrics & Stories

    Sol Nal (설날) 

    Diu Diu Deng (丟丟銅) 

    Doraji (도라지) 

    Tum Tum Chuen (氹氹轉) 

    Sisi Sima (སིམ་སིམ་སི་མ།) 

    Soran Bushi (ソーラン節) 

    Poong Nyun Ga (풍년가) 

    Akatombo (赤とんぼ) 

    Zui Zui Zukkorobashi (ずいずいずっころばし) 

    Diu Shou Juan (丢手绢) 

    San Toki (산토끼) 

    Picking Flowers (采花) 

    Summer is Here  

    Ti Oh Oh (天黑黑) 

    Anta Gata Doko Sa (あんたがたどこさ) 

    Tinsagunu Hana (てぃんさぐぬ花)

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