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  • New York Daily News

    Homes Woolworth Mansion on upper East Side hits

    rental market for $150,000 a month



    This record-breaking townhouse has a 50-seat dining room attached to a solarium. The master suite has two sitting rooms and two full baths. Almost every detail in the house is intact.


    By Jason Sheftell / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    Published: Tuesday, September 4, 2012, 6:59 PM
    Updated: Wednesday, September 5, 2012, 10:26 AM



    Courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens



    Call it “The Townhouse of Commerce.”


    An East 80th St. mansion built in 1916 by shopping magnate Frank Woolworth to resemble his eponymous downtown skyscraper, just went on the rental market for $150,000 per month.


    The 35-foot-wide townhouse has a 50-seat dining room attached to a solarium. The master suite has two sitting rooms and two full baths. A wood-paneled library, wet bar, and powder room make up the third floor. Almost every detail in the house is intact.




    4 E. 80th St. is the most expensive town house rental ever at $150,000 a month.  Allison Joyce for New York Daily News



    It pays to be Daddy’s little girl. Woolworth built three limestone mansions for his society daughters at 2, 4, and 6 East 80th St. The buildings to the west is a three-unit coop and the building to the east is owned by Frederick Koch, one of the Koch brothers who are infamous in Democratic circles.



    Courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens


    Current owner, the estate of exercise maven Lucille Roberts, decided to rent the property rather than sell. New renters can take the home furnished or unfurnished.


    Brown Harris Stevens broker Paula Del Nunzio, who never comments on owners, justified the record-breaking price.



    Courtesy of Brown Harris Stevens


    “It’s a miracle this house survived with so much of the original details intact,” said Del Nunzio, the top townhouse broker in the city who represented the seller of The Stanford White Mansion on Fifth Avenue earlier this year when it sold for $42 million.


     “The owners … not only restored that original details they found but also renovated the mansion with all modern systems. This house is a prime example of ‘architecture as art’ and there is always a market for that.”



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  • Ramz

    2012.09.05 15:55

    우와~~~진짜 장난아니네요! 저런 곳에 살면 행복할까요?
  • Profile


    2012.09.05 18:36

    궁전이 따로 없지요? 50명이 앉을 수 있는 테이블이라면, 소리를 질러야할 것 같아요!

    이 집에서 살면 행복할까요?
    글쎄, 누구와 함께 사는냐가 관건이 아닐까요?
    이토록 큰 맨션에서 살아보라고 한다면, 전 강아지도 12마리 정도 키우고 싶네요:))

    실제로 로드아일랜드주 뉴포트에 가보시면 브레이커즈, 마블하우스, 엘름하우스, 로즈클리프('위대한 개츠비' 촬영지) 등 100여년 전 부호들이 여름 별장으로 지어놓은 맨션들이 대서양 바닷가에 줄지어 있어요. 맨션 투어도 하는데, 볼만 하답니다.

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    사실 메트로폴리탄뮤지엄의 '시대룸(period rooms)' 구경하는 것도 좋지요. 루이 14세의 방에서 프랭크 로이드 라이트의 거실까지...

    또 하나, 뉴욕타임스 주말판에 보면 부동산 섹션에 '오픈 하우스'가 있는데, 매물로 나온 집을 오픈하니깐, 집 구(경)하러 가서 부자들 사는 집을 볼 수 있답니다.

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