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  • 뉴욕영화제 자원봉사자 공모(9/28-10/15)
  • sukie
    Aug 19, 2017
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    • Film Society of Lincoln Center
    • 2017 Volunteer Information

    홍상수 감독의 신작 2편 '그후' '밤의 해변에서 혼자'가 초대된 2017 뉴욕영화제(9/28-10/15)에서 자원봉사자를 모집한다.

    NYFF Header.jpg

    2017 Volunteer Information

    Film Society of Lincoln Center

    165 West 65th Street

    (Between Broadway and Amsterdam)

    New York, NY 10023



     The 55th New York Film Festival runs September 28th – October 15th


    General Information About the Film Society of Lincoln Center 

    America’s pre­eminent film presentation organization, the Film Society of Lincoln Center was founded in 1969 to celebrate American and international cinema, to recognize and support new filmmakers, and to enhance awareness, accessibility and understanding of the art among a broad and diverse film going audience.

    The Film Society is best known for two world-class international festivals – the New York Film Festival (the most famous and prestigious in the country), and New Directors/New Films (celebrating new cinematic artists). It runs two state-of-the-art year round cinemas, the Walter Reade Theater (268 seats) and the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center (90 seats, 150 seats and the 75­seat Amphitheater), and publishes the country’s most respected cinematic journal, Film Comment. Each year the organization presents its annual Gala Tribute honoring legendary stars and industry leaders of our generation at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall. At various times of the year the Film Society partners with Hollywood studios to present premieres and special live appearances.



    Festival Venue Locations

    Alice Tully Hall (ATH)

    1941 Broadway (enter on 65th St between Broadway & Amsterdam). (212) 671-­4050

    Walter Reade Theater (WRT)

    165 West 65th St (north side between Broadway & Amsterdam, upper level). (212) 875­-5600

    Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center:

    Francesca Beale Theater (FBT)

    Howard Gilman Theater (HGT)

    Amphitheater (AMP)

    144 West 65th St  (south side between Broadway & Amsterdam).

    (212) 875-­5600

    Copy of NYFF 54  | LCPA 65th st map .png 

    What To Know

    ● While volunteering at the New York Film Festival you should take some time to get to know about the programs, events, and sidebars in addition to any special information related to the venue and your specific assignment. Please go to www.filmlinc.org for more information about the Film Society and the New York Film Festival.

    Volunteer Requirement

    ● Must commit to a minimum of 20 hours during the festival. * 

               ● Responsible for having a copy of their shifts, if you haven’t received an email make sure you contact the volunteer coordinator to obtain a copy.

                 ● Must attend orientation and training.   [Orientation date TBA]

                 ● Be available via email to receive updates and communication from coordinator.  

     Volunteers that cannot commit to 20 hours will still be considered on an as needed basis  

    What To Wear  

                 ● Please wear your NYFF Volunteer T-shirt and your NYFF Credential while on duty  [Unless your department request different attire]

                 ● Keep in mind that you may be standing for extended periods of time, so make  sure to wear comfortable clothes and practical shoes.

                 ● Please do not wear your T-shirt/uniform when you are not working.

    Volunteer Benefits  

    ● 20+ Hours: T-shirt, badge  

    ● 30+ Hours: 20+ hour benefits, plus Film Lover level membership

    ● 40+ Hours: 20+ hour benefits, plus Film Buff level membership

    ● 60+ Hours: 20+ hour benefits, plus Cinephile level membership

    ● Badge gives volunteers member discount on Festival merchandise

    ● Volunteer appreciation events

    ● Badge gives grant you one free ticket to some screenings. (Subject to availability) (No special events, opening or closing nights, or high demand films)

    Reporting To Your Shift

                 ● Please go to the Volunteer Desk at your venue (TBD during orientation) and make sure to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled shift.  You will then be directed to your job location where you should report to your shift supervisor.

                 ● Familiarize yourself with the venue; find the water fountains, restrooms, and exits. Get a sense of what is showing and happening in the space during your shift.  

                 ● In the event that you are unable to make it to your shift, please notify the Volunteer Coordinator (347-751-517) as soon as possible (24 hours in advance would be preferable).

     Things To Remember  

    As a NYFF volunteer, you will be the face of the festival! You will be the people that our guests and patrons will interact with most, so please:  

                 ● You are welcome to take your break and walk around the festival, but remember you are technically working so please be courteous to guests and assist them if you are asked.  

                 ● Please eat/drink ONLY when you are on a break during a scheduled shift.  

                 ● Pace yourself! It is a long festival and we’d like you to commit to working on both  weeks, so don’t overwork yourself!  

                 ● Please, do not take pictures with talent when they are onsite.  

                 ● No handing out resumes, scripts, or business cards to our guests. They are also  here to enjoy the festival so please be respectful of that!  


    We appreciate your help, and could not do this without YOU!!

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  • Film Society of Lincoln Center
  • 2017 Volunteer Information
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