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  • sukie-IMG_0702 (2)200.jpg Sukie Park founder/editor

    A native Korean, Sukie Park studied journalism and film & theater in Seoul.  In March 2012, she founded www.NYCultureBeat.com, a Korean-language website about cultural events, food, shopping, sightseeing and people in New York City, for which she contributes original stories on a daily basis.  In 2013-2014, she has also contributed interviews and articles on Korean artist, actors, musicians and chefs  to "Inside Korea," a special section distributed with The New York Times' Friday edition. From June 2004 through December 2011, she was the principal journalist covering cultural affairs, food and travel for The Korea Daily in New York (Joongang Ilbo, 뉴욕중앙일보), the largest Korean-language newspaper in the New York metropolitan area.  Sukie previously worked as a reporter with several Korean cinema, photography and video magazines, as a writer at Korean radio (KBS-2FM 영화음악실) and television (MBC-TV 출발! 비디오여행) stations, and as a copywriter at a video company (대우 비디오).  She has also edited two books, "The Movie That Changed My Life" (나를 움직인 이 한편의 영화), a collection of essays by Korean filmmakers, actors and writers, and "Drawing Helen Kim: The Master Who Changed Our Lives" (선생님 그리기: 우리를 움직인 스승 김활란), a collection of writings about the first President of Ewha Womans University. NYCultureBeat received the 2014 Cultural Merits Award from H&Y Marketplace. Sukie has lived in New York City since January of 1996. 

    delfini2-small.jpg  Good Morning, New York!

    1996년 1월 29일, 음산한 겨울날 아침 JFK 공항에 도착했을 때 계획은 ‘딱 1년간 영화 보며 놀기’였다. 

    어느덧 뉴욕은 내게 영화 이외의 창문을 하나, 둘씩 열어주기 시작했다. 미술, 재즈, 오페라, 무용, 뮤지컬, 연극, 건축, 그리고 세계 음식까지 창이 열리면서 시네마(cinema)로 향해 한 우물만 파고 있던, 나에게 무지개색 빛들이 들어오고 있었다. 

    맨해튼은 내게 보물섬이자, 매일 무언가를 가르쳐주는 거대한 학교다.  

    2001년 9월 11일, 그날 이후 난 영화와 조금씩 결별하기 시작했다. 그리고, 문화의 다양한 장르를 탐험하면서 눈과 귀, 코와 입, 그리고 마음을 넓히기로 작정했다. 

    뉴욕중앙일보에서 7년 7개월간 문화/레저 담당 기자로 일하며 ‘세계 문화의 메카’에서 많이 보고, 많이 듣고, 많이 느꼈다. 수많은 예술가들을 만나며, '영감'이라는 이름의 엔돌핀 주사도 무수히 맞았다. 


    뉴욕이 고맙다. 

    그동안 '빅 애플' 생활에서  얻은 정보를 보다 많은 이들과 공유하고 싶어서 웹사이트 NYCultureBeat을 시작하게 됐다. 

    뉴욕, 뉴저지 등 미국의 한인 이민자, 유학생과 주재원 등 오래 뉴욕에 머물고 계신 분들, 그리고 뉴욕 문화에 관심이 많은 세계의 한인들과 소중한 정보를 나누고 싶다.   

    NYCultureBeat은 1년 365일 나의 가슴을 두드리는 문화, 먹거리, 볼거리, 살거리와 사람들에 관한 이야기를 기록할 예정이다. (2012. 3.1) 

    Thank You, New York!


    What People are Saying about NYCultureBeat 


    "NYCultureBeat is a website quenching Korean's thirst for culture in New York City and a lot of people are talking about it.  I think it plays a role like a little guiding light."

    -Ik-Joong Kang, artist-

    "Finally I found it!

    At last, we see a new website. Not a copy of other sources, but written from own experiences, not for the 

    tourists, but well-done pages for New Yorkers!! So, quickly I added NYCultureBeat.com on my favorite bar 

    and visit every day."

    -Misun Chang, announcer of Radio Korea, NY-


    "I visit NYCultureBeat every day and browse many sections.  Although I have lived in New York for long time, I still have many places I've never visited and many things I don't know. NYCultureBeat is my guide and I follow you to meet and taste the exquisite arts.  I'm fascinated by your sharp perspective and delicate senses." 

    -Jeongki Kim, poet- 

    “What a wonderful blog NYCultureBeat is! When it comes to New York City, NYCultureBeat tells everything.  I will give the address to all the people I know.” 

    -Kenneth K. Lee, CPA- 

    "Your blog is very well made and I'm sure it must be very successful. Thank you for doing a fine job with promoting cultural events to the Korean community and potential Korean visitors. I will try to promote your blog to my Korean friends."

    -Yoon Jae Lee, Conductor & Artistic Director, Ensemble 212-

    "Simply he best website about New York culture." 



    "Really the selective essence of the information about The City of Art, New York. I'll come by day by day. 

    Thank you for the wonderful articles!"


    "I have been waiting for a website like this for so long.  

    Thank you so much for managing the website with such wonderful stories with high quality information." 


    "Thanks to your detailed good information., I'm enjoying New York better than before this whole summer.

    I love New York City and now see more of its beauty than before.  I appreciate you." 

    -Uram Park, student- 

    "The best Korean language site I have encountered.  I enjoy reading about Korean-American artists and 

    culinary stars and interviews you have covered.  I would have never known so many interesting stories if it weren't  for NYCultureBeat.  Wish I could share the site with my friends who can't read Korean as well." 

    -Artist Anonymous- 


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